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Seekh Kebab Plate 6.29 (2pcs)   sideitems
Delicate mouthwatering ground beef marinated with herb and spices, skewered in clay oven      
Bihari Kebab Plate 11.95    
Overnight marinated tender strips of beef cooked on grill and served on sizzling platter      
Murgh Mumtaz 10.99   Murgh Mumtaz
Tender boneless chicken breast stuffed with creamy cheese, freshly oven baked, served with creamy mango curry  
Murgh Chutney Meri 8.49    
Marinated batter fried bonless chicken breast served with spicy tangy sauce      
Malai Tikka 8.99 (7 pcs)   Malai Tikka
Succulent, grilled boneless chicken breast cubes marinated in creamy sauce      
Chicken Tikka Plate 8.99    
Spicy boneless chicken breast cubes cooked in tandoor and served on sizzling platter      
Chicken Seekh Kebab Plate 6.29 (2 pcs)   Top
Ground chicken marinated in herb and spices, grilled on skewers      
Tandoori Chicken 3.99     Tandoori Chicken
Quarter chicken leg marinated in yogurt, lemon juice, spices and grilled in tandoor.      
Breaded Fried Fish 7.99     Rawa Fish
Boneless fish fillet coated with semolina      
Masala Fish 9.99    
Pan seared fish steak served with fried onions      
Butter Chicken 10.49    
Boneless chicken breast cubes cooked in creamy sauce    
Chicken Tikka Masala 9.99    
Freshly marinated boneless chicken breast cubes simmered in spice blend creamy tomato sauce    
Karahi Chicken 9.99    
Boneless chicken breast cubes cooked in tomato onion gravy with bell pepper and onion  
Chicken Angara 9.99  
Spicy stir fried boneless chicken strips, tossed with bell peppers and curry leaves  
Karahi Gosht 10.99    
Boneless beef cubes cooked in tomato onion gravy, lightly tossed with bell pepper and onion    
Nihari 9.99    
Traditional recipe of beef stew, simmered in spices, garnished with fresh ginger and green chili    
Brain Masala 10.99    
Specially prepared beef brain with aromatic spices and yogurt, garnished with ginger and green chili    
Lamb Karahi 10.99    
Lamb cooked with bell pepper and onion in tomato gravy    
Karahi Fish 9.99    
Fish cubes cooked in tomato onion gravy with bel pepper and onion    
Chana Masala 6.99  
Spicy curried chick peas    
Baigan ka Bharta 6.99  
Oven baked mashed eggplant with onion and tomato    
Aloo Gobi 6.99  
Cauliflower cooked with potato    
Vegetable Karahi 6.99  
Seasonal vegetables cooked with tomato gravy    
Lahori Daal 6.99  
Lentils cooked on slow fire and topped with garlic and coriander    
Dum Aloo 6.99  
Potato cubes simmered in tomato butter gravy    
Halwa Puri 5.99 3.49 Takeout
Traditional breakfast of cholay (chick peas) and aloo (potatoes) served with halwa (sweet) and 3 puris (unleavened Pakistani bread)        
Chicken Biryani 8.99 (6.99 Bone-In)   Chicken Biryani
Succulent boneless chicken cooked with finest basmati rice      
Lamb Biryani 9.99  
Lamb cooked with finest basmati rice    
Veal Biryani 8.99  
Succulent boneless veal cooked with finest basmati rice    
Vegetable Biryani 6.99  
Rice cooked with seasonal mix vegetables and spices    
Zeera Rice 5.49  
Rice cooked with zeera (cumin)    
Plain Rice 3.49  
Fragrant plain basmati rice        
Chicken Samosa       Samosa
Crispy triangle handmade pastry filled with minced chicken
Beef Samosa
Crispy triangle handmade pastry filled withminced beef
Vegetable Samosa
Crispy triangle handmade pastry filled with potatoes, peas and lentils
Ask staff about our special rates for orders
over 100 samosa (fried or frozen)
Naan Kebab Roll
Skewered ground beef kebab wrapped in tandoori naan
Chicken Kebab Roll
Skewered ground chicken kebab wrapped in andoori naan
Chicken Tikka Roll
Boneless chicken cubes wraped in tandoori naan
Bun Kebab
Karachi street style beef shami kebab in a bun
Specially coated potato fries
Chana Chaat
Chick peas laced in yogurt, tamarind and hot sauce topped with chopped tomato, onion, and crunchy wafers
Double egg omelette with chopped onions and tomato
Tandoori Naan
Fluffy bread cooked in tandoor
Trifle 2.99      
Multi-layered custard with cake, fruit, cake, and cream.    
Gulab Jamu (3pcs) 2.99     samosa
Lightly fried evaporated milk balls dipped in sweet saffron syrup      
Kheer 2.99  
Rice pudding flavoured with cardamom seeds and topped with crushed pistachios    
Ras Malai 2.99  
Flat creamy cheese cakes, soaked in sweet thickened flavoured milk and garnished with pistachios      
Pop 1.25      
Choose from wide selection of canned pop    
Pakola 1.75     Pakola
Pakistani ice cream soda with creamy vanilla taste      
Falooda 3.99  
Multi-layered, ice-cream drink, made with rose syrup, sweet basil seeds, milk, topped with a scoop of ice cream and jelly    
Lassi (sweet/salted) 3.75  
Refreshing yogurt based smoothie. Sweet or Salted      
Mango Lassi 3.75    
Refreshing yogurt smoothie with mango flavour      
Mango Milkshake 3.75    
Milkshake made with mango      
Malai Kulfi 2.49    
Prices subject to change without notice.        
Lunch Buffet
Specially Introduced for your "no-time" lunch.

Lunch ThaliNo time?  No Problem.  Our Lunch Buffet is ready to serve you in minutes
Halwa Puri (Featured in Toronto Star)
Start your weekends with something special.

Halwa Puri Traditional breakfast of   chick peas and potatoes served with halwa (sweet) and 3 puris.
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