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Lunch Buffet   Lunch Buffet

Are you looking for a great place to dine in for Lunch Buffet in Scarborough? You've come to the right place. At Pak Centre, you'll find wide selection of Pakistani and Indian dishes to make your lunch a special one.

Fast, affordable, and delicious buffet that is sure to make your time off work worth it. For only $8.95/person, you know you've got a good deal!

Lunch Buffet will be served Monday to Friday between 12pm to 3pm.

For larger groups, please make reservations in advance.

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Lunch Buffet
Specially Introduced for your "no-time" lunch.

Lunch ThaliNo time?  No Problem.  Our Lunch Buffet is ready to serve you in minutes
Halwa Puri (Featured in Toronto Star)
Start your weekends with something special.

Halwa Puri Traditional breakfast of   chick peas and potatoes served with halwa (sweet) and 3 puris.
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